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TEFL Online Pro reviews and TEFL certification scams. In the TEFL course world you will see mostly legitimate companies, however, there are some companies that you can consider a scam and we are going to talk about the biggest TEFL certification scam out there right now. We are talking about TEFL Online Pro and Trusted TEFL Reviews! We will now show you evidence as to why TEFL Online Pro and Trusted TEFL Reviews are scams and if you are thinking about taking one of their courses, you should steer clear of them.

TEFL Online Pro review and Trusted TEFL Reviews

If you have stumbled across a company called trusted tefl reviews looking for reviews of TEFL course providers, you have actually found a scam reviews website. Owned by TEFL Online Pro.

In this review we took a deep look in to these websites. We could clearly see that they are the same people running both sites. Both created on the same date, same country and same hosting. They also use the same WordPress themes. When you look at all the raving reviews TEFL online pro receives and all the bad reviews all the actual reputable TEFL courses receive, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is a SCAM!.

TEFL Online Pro Sell Online TEFL Courses illegally

The company is not a registered corporation which means they are not paying taxes. They are not registered in any country. This means that if you have a certificate from TEFL online pro, you won’t be able to authenticate the certificate. To have a TEFL certification authenticated, it needs to be done in the country of origin. TEFL online pro has no country of origin since it’s not a registered corporation anywhere.

If you do a simple Google search for the keyword “tefl online pro scam” you will see many complaints such as these two must read articles. https://nevilleandfamily.com/   https://teflonlineproreviews.com/

After reading this, we highly recommend that if you have purchased a course from TEFL online pro, you should immediately make a dispute with your PayPal account and claim your money back, or you should at least ask TEFL Online Pro for a company registration number from a government website (company number from the UK or IRS number from the USA.) You should also ask to see ID from the owner of trusted TEFL reviews who claims to be Mia Williams and ID from the owner of TEFL Online Pro who claims to be Paul Murphy. Any legitimate companies should be able to provide you with these details.

You Should Report a Problem With PayPal and Claim Your Money Back.

TEFL Online pro scam

TEFL Online pro only take payments on their website through PayPal. This is because they are not a registered company and cannot use a debit or credit card processor like Stripe or Worldpay. It’s very easy to create an account with PayPal and start taking payments, even if you are a scam company like TEFL online pro.

Remember, it will be impossible to authenticate a TEFL certification if it’s not a registered company, so your certificate will be worthless and you should immediately go to your resolution center in PayPal and start a dispute to get your money back.

Trusted TEFL Reviews and TEFL Online Pro Data

Here, we look at facts and evidence. If you have been looking for TEFL course reviews, trying to decide which course provider to sign up for, then there is a chance you have come across trusted tefl reviews. Do not let the name fool you guys as this is a scam reviews website created by TEFL Online Pro.


If you look at the reviews TEFL Online Pro receives on trustedteflreviews.com you will see that most of the reviews are all 5 star reviews, all written in the same tone like one person has written them. You will also see that each review has been replied to by TEFL online Pro. But when you look at other TEFL course provider reviews, you will see that none of the reviews have had any comments on them. Hmm, it’s a bit strange how only TEFL Online Pro can reply to their reviews but none of the other providers can.


Both of these websites were launched by the same person in March 2019. The person registers both websites out in Panama where they are less likely to be prosecuted for fraud. See screenshots from Whois.

TEFL Online Pro and Trusted TEFL Reviews Data

Trusted TEFL Reviews was created 2019/03/01 Click to see HERE

trusted tefl reviews scam

TEFL Online Pro was created 2019/03/11 Click to see HERE

tefl online pro reviews

Do we think it’s just a coincidence that both websites were created within 10 days of each other? No, we are not stupid and it doesn’t take a genius to work out what is going on here.

TEFL Online Pro and Trusted TEFL Reviews Are Run by The Same Person

Trusted TEFL reviews scam

This is the person who runs TEFL online pro, Trusted TEFL reviews and ACTEFLC. Mia Williams, Paul Murphy, Christopher Haines are all really Neville David Thomas.

TEFL online pro is his online TEFL course where he scams new teachers into believing it’s more legit than it is. He uses fake reviews, fake awards, fake comments and a fake accreditation.

Trusted TEFL reviews is a fake review site for online TEFL courses. This is where he writes many of his fake reviews. It is also where you will find his fake award called the “Teacher’s choice award” which was awarded to surprise, surprise TEFL online pro.

Who are Mia Willams and Paul Murphy?

ttr scam

Many signs say they are Neville David Thomas, where there are photos of him on Facebook recommending both sites. Who is he? If you search his name, you will find someone who has a reputation of scamming teachers in the past with a place called ITTP TEFL. It was a similar scam in the Czech Republic where people complained about his fake reviews and harassment.

What about TEFL online pro’s accreditation? According to who, the site ACTEFLC.com was added at the beginning of 2021. Again the only people talking about this accreditation like that award are TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews.

What about those video reviews on TEFL online pro? Are those fake? All of those reviews are published on platforms that he controls. None of those reviews were posted on the reviewer’s channel. Those people were most likely paid to do it or possibly given a free TEFL certificate. Those are advertisements, not reviews.

A man runs the TEFL online pro with many years of practice deceiving people online. His actual reputation can be found online, and that might explain why he has gone to such an extent to create fake personas to mask his real identity to market his courses.

There is a very simple way to find out if Mia Williams or Paul Murphy are real people. Simply email them and ask for some legitimate ID. I’ll save you some time and tell you they won’t. All you’ll get is an abusive email back. I would post the images of some of the emails here but they are too disgusting to read.

Neville Promoting TEFL Online Pro And Trusted TEFL Reviews Facebook

neville reviews scam

Fake Accreditation by a Known Scammer

fake accreditation

The scammer Neville David Thomas has also created his own accreditation website back in January 2021. The name of the scam accreditation website is ACTEFLC. If you search for it’s accreditation you will see the only mentions online about it are by TEFL online pro and “Trusted” TEFL reviews.

Christopher Haines is his fake id on ACTEFLC. On TEFL online pro he goes by “Paul Murphy”. And on “Trusted” TEFL reviews he calls himself “Mia Williams.”

Watch Video Evidence of This Scam

We contacted the Owner and Asked Them Some Questions

We contacted the owner “Mia” (AKA NEVILLE THOMAS) from Trusted TEFL reviews after investigating more and asked her some questions. The questions we asked were.

  1. Why were Trusted TEFL Reviews and TEFL Online Pro created in the same month within 10 days of each other?
    2. Why were both domains bought from the same internet company?
    3. Why did you pay extra to make the websites anonymous? And why were both websites registered in Panama?
    4. How come TEFL Online Pro has zero other reviews on the internet?
    5. How come you don’t have a LinkedIn or any other Social Media Profile to show that you are in fact a real person?
    6. How come the operators of TEFL Online Pro also do not have any proof they exist until 2019? Both of you seem to post all over Quora, but do you actually exist? It almost seems like you are both fabricated. We can’t find either of your businesses in any kind of public registration. You say you’re a real person, and even post on the internet with your ‘real name’, but you don’t exist until 2019.
    7. Why did a man named Neville David Thomas claim to be one of the owners of TEFL Online Pro on various Facebook groups, yet he’s not mentioned on TEFL Online Pro’s website? A quick google search of ‘Neville David Thomas TEFL Course’ reveals that this is a man with a decade of experience making fake review sites to promote fake TEFL courses. Readers, don’t take our word for it, just google the name. We imagine that TEFL Online Pro will desperately try to remove these posts from Neville D. Thomas, but there are pictures (internet archives, etc)

See a screenshot of the reply we received from the owner “Mia Williams”(Neville Thomas).

mia williams


Trusted TEFL Reviews lists most of its main competitors in the online TEFL industry. They then add fake TEFL reviews for each one, claiming they are submitted by students. The fake TEFL reviews added include a few plausible sounding reviews along with a couple of misleading and downright fraudulent rants about each one. The idea is to make would be teachers believe this is a legitimate review website that can be used for research purposes. The word “trusted” is meant to deceive the teacher’s critical thinking. Check out this blog, with images to prove this scam https://teflonlineproreviews.com/

We highly recommend staying away from both these websites

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