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International TEFL and TESOL Reviews


I recommend this program

 – Canada

If you love to teach English, you definitely have to take this course. I’m so happy because I have gotten my TEFL certification!.
It was in my bucket long time ago. I made it!. It wasn’t easy working night shifts, then stay up late to study, and doing assignments.
It has been a great experience!. It’s a well – designed course, instructions and tasks are clear, you can see your progress on the platform, you’ll love each content, and tasks , where you’ll acquire important learning steps in your lesson plan to obtain a successful, and motivated class, and develop learning process based on learning styles, which is so important for our students as well as prompt and thoughtful tutor feedback.
Thank you so much!

Exciting and VERY informative

 – Vietnam

Thanks so much for your sessions. It really motivated me to change my approach to teach English. I can honestly say that putting your tips and tools into practice made me feel more confident, helped me to get more feedback on my work from students and allowed me to figure out a teaching style that I’m finally comfortable with.
Your encouragement changed my perspective on things entirely. Real insight and complete focus.
This was the most successful training course I have attended


 – Bahrain

It was a good course. One of my friend recommended this course to me and I am glad she did. The course is designed in a way that can help and motivate teachers become useful and helpful for students. This course helped me understand that taking care of students and being kind to them is important that help students grow. A lot of important and useful skills, methods and techniques that teachers can apply were taught. Whenever I emailed to TEFL advisor and had any questions, the course advisor was very helpful and I always got a reply.


 – United States

This course was very helpful. I was able to learn the methodologies and gain insightful experience references to be prepared to make a career teaching abroad. I fully recommend this to anyone who is fully committed yet busy. Thanks for the assistance! The support from the instructors really helped with pinpointing direct and expected issues while teaching abroad and how to adapt and solve these problems. I was also able to commit at my own discretion and complete the course at the pace I could blend with my work schedule. A great overall course for those who are willing to work towards an exceptional teaching experience. The cost and promotion offers provided were top notch and any problems or concerns with pricing and payment were alleviated quickly and sufficiently.

Excellent course

 – China

Perfect TEFL for teaching online and face to face classroom. Supportive staff and fully accredited. Working as an online tutor now. Perfect. The course is straight forward and perfect for those who don’t have much free time. I would recommend this course to those who want to study in China or are looking to teach English as a foreign language abroad. The tests are intuitive and with little effort you can finish this in less than a month.

Great course

 – United Kingdom

I took this course and I am very pleased with it and the information within. As someone that is trying to get into teaching this was great for me and the information was very helpful. The one thing for me that I got a lot out of was doing the lesson planning which was the most helpful for me. Doing that lesson planning for me gave me an example of what to expect when I do get a teaching job. The price of the course was great. Also I enjoyed that the course was online.

120 hour online TEFL course

 – United States

I enrolled in the 120-hr TESOL course, not expecting much, since most online courses are difficult to start and difficult to finish. But I had no problem finishing this course. Actually, since the 2nd Module I started to take notes because that’s how helpful the content is. This definitely equipped me to teach English as a 2nd language, and introduced me to aspects of a classroom that I didn’t consider before! It was great that there was a module dedicated to Online teaching and the fact that the course provided common industry practices and culture as well

Online level 5 course

 – South Africa

The online level 5 course was full of helpful and descriptive content that covered all that I need to know to start my teaching career. I was initially scared and nervous about teaching, but I am now excited. I feel prepared for this new chapter in my life, all because itt provided extensive and needed content. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a course that will equip them with all the tools and knowledge needed to teach. I am super impressed and happy. Definitely worth the buy!

Feedback on the TEFL/TESOL course

 – Thailand

I have been teaching English for 3 years but there is still room for improvement. I was afraid to teach Upper-Intermediate and Advanced students. I was looking for inspiration to add something new to my teaching style. When I read the course description I thought, “That’s what I need”. I was impressed with the course structure. I could get back to any chapter at any time to take some notes, that was really convenient. And a tutor, who helped me during the course, was highly qualified. He explained all my mishaps and provided positive feedback. I’m so proud that I decided to improve my knowledge with this course.

10 out of 10 would recommend

 – Australia

The material provided was very concise. The PDFs provided are viewable online as well as available for download at any time (no need to do each unit in succession, and you can refer to the content again once you have finished the course).
I have been teaching for years and I still learned a new few things. There are also a lot of references to other online materials and resources to really help you improve your knowledge of the subject while improving your quality as a teacher at the same time.

Valuable purchase

 – United Kingdom

Great value compared to other online TEFL courses but still covers material in depth. Each lesson is valuable and I thought I knew everything until I started taking the pop quizzes…I soon realised that there was ALOT I had to re-learn. The great part about this course is how convenient it is to study as oppose to learning in class which can be hard to keep up with. On a normal day I was able to study for a few hours comfortably because the lessons are well written and not dry. If you actually take the time to compare prices online you’ll notice this course is no doubt the right choice.


 – United States

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The information was given in a clear manner with a lot of light banter and personal stories that made it enjoyable and relatable. I learned a lot of different techniques. I completely appreciated the class videos where I could see the techniques being applied. That was very helpful to me in understanding how to implement them and how the students reacted to them.
The guides were very useful in following along with the lessons. I also appreciated the worksheets which allowed me to put my thoughts in order.