Business English Materials

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There are over 20 GB of materials in this package. This is enough Business English material to last many years. You will never have to purchase material to teach Business English ever again. Get a free 60-hour online TEFL/TESOL course with this purchase.



There’s no doubt that business professionals worldwide are in need of support when it comes to their English. Good communication skills are often the difference between the job they have and a promotion they want. It may also be the ticket they need to land a better job and be more financially stable. Here are just a few ways that Business English learners need your help: preparing for an interview, greeting colleagues, conducting business meetings, and sharing sales results. There’s also a demand for English for specific purposes such as Banking and Finance, Technology and Medicine. So, how can you take advantage of such a large and growing market? Our lesson materials will keep you going for many years. All materials are authentic and used by professionals.