There are several TEFL courses and companies to choose from right now. As a result, things might rapidly become perplexing. What do the various hours signify? Are there several levels of TEFL certification, such as TEFL level 5? Will some courses help you make more money? These are some crucial questions to consider before beginning your TEFL training.

When looking for a TEFL course, an essential item to look at is accreditation. After you’ve settled on a provider, you’ll need to pick the best program for you.

Let’s look at the various TEFL levels and what they have to offer. This will help you in finding the best option and increasing your career chances.

What are The Different Levels of TEFL Courses?


You’d be excused if you thought there were several levels of TEFL certification. Level 5 implies that there are four levels before it. So, where are all the courses for Level 1, 2, and so on? So, where does the Level 5 reside?

Ofqual is a non-ministerial federal agency in England that oversees certifications. This does not cover the entire United Kingdom. In every advanced nation, schooling is the duty of the government. Ofqual is a governmental organization.

It is divided into eight stages of increasing complexity. A GCSE grade of D, E, F, or G is considered Level 1, while a Ph.D. is at the top of the hierarchy at Level 8.

Level 5 TEFL course is in the middle of this heap. It is advanced than basic levels. However, it is still less complex than higher levels, such as Ph.D. programs. According to Ofqual’s certifications system, a Level 5 TEFL course is evaluated as a Level 5 certification and is authorized by TQUK.

This course offers more opportunities for TEFL teachers. Moreover, it is widely accepted by all organizations across the globe.

Anyone aiming for a premium TEFL job should take the Level 5 180-hour TEFL Course. It is among the best TEFL courses. The government of the United Kingdom regulates the curriculum.

As a result, it is constantly monitored from the outside. Individuals with a Level 5 TEFL certification are more likely to get high-paying TEFL employment online and in other countries. Companies across the world hold this qualification in high regard.

What Does a Level 5 TEFL Course Offer?

Many organizations offer a Level 5 TEFL program. If you decide to go for this TEFL program, you will get the following perks as part of the package.

These are common among various providers.

  • 168 hours of TEFL learning
  • CELTA equivalent certification
  • Onsite experience teaching learners
  • 100% online training
  • Free study guide

What are The Main Advantages of a Level 5 TEFL Course?


You must be wondering about the benefits of a Level 5 TEFL course.

Here are the topmost benefits of this option:

Lifelong Validity

Your level 5 TEFL certificate is valid for a lifetime once you’ve finished the TEFL program. This is exceptional considering that you will not have to do anything new if you relocate. Therefore, you can keep using the same certificate for the rest of your life.

This saves your money in the long run. Moreover, this course will save you from the hassle of getting new certifications.

Similarly, it lets you get the finest job opportunities before others. Once companies see what you bring to the table, they will prefer you. So, the lifelong validity is a remarkable pro of such TEFL programs.

Global Recognition

Level 5 TEFL is internationally recognized. With a Level 5 Certificate, you’ll be able to find work in some of the most coveted TEFL destinations. The United Arab Emirates, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany are just a few of your possibilities.

Global recognition is part of the package. This lets you browse through a heap of job destinations.

Moreover, it also lets you choose your desired nation. You can choose at your convenience. This certificate is ultimately your passport to every nation.

Better Salary Packages

Who doesn’t want better salary packages? This is the dream for many jobholders. Moreover, you can easily fulfill this dream with a Level 5 TEFL program. Companies tend to offer higher salaries to applicants with better certifications.

A high-level certification can overtake experience. So, even your beginning salary will be higher than your counterparts. This way, the TEFL course will pay for itself in the long term.

No Age Restrictions

Some TEFL programs come with age restrictions. Moreover, this depends upon your training process. Some TEFL programs are more suited for kids. However, other TEFL options prepare you for adults. Therefore, a Level 5 TEFL course will prepare you for everyone.

You can teach kids, adults, and all ages without any restrictions. This way, you can maximize your options and get a job that suits you.

More Job Opportunities

This goes without saying. You will get more job opportunities than everyone else. The organizations will prefer your portfolio and certification. Moreover, you will get to dictate your packages and choose a job that suits you.

A higher level of certification indicates better skill sets. Therefore, companies will compensate you for your better skills. Moreover, more and more companies will try to offer you better titles. This will bring more ventures to your doorstep.

Why Should You Choose a Level 5 TEFL Program?

why choose a level 5 tefl course

You can get a TEFL certification online or onsite with the maximum availability of resources nowadays. However, if you are serious about a TEFL career, go for the Level 5 options. This program will prepare you better for all nations.

Moreover, it is valid for life. Similarly, it brings better job options and salary options for you. It is the ultimate TEFL package for you if you want a lifelong teaching career. You can settle down anywhere in the world and start teaching with a Level 5 TEFL course.

What you wish to gain from your TEFL course will determine which course is ideal for you. The Level 5 TEFL course should be sufficient for you if you wish to volunteer to teach English overseas, utilize it to support your adventures, or earn additional money.