If you are considering teaching overseas, you are probably thinking about acquiring your TEFL certificate to set you up and qualify for better teaching jobs. For teachers pursuing international jobs, the best TEFL courses are frequently the most flexible and, in some cases, more cheap options. But, exactly, what can you learn with an online TEFL course?

Different online TEFL courses have different curricula, but you should anticipate covering some essential aspects throughout your course. Let us have a brief overview of the learning outcomes regarding online TEFL courses Cape Town.

Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning

“Lesson planning is one of the core learning outcomes of TEFL courses.”

Learning how to prepare, organize, and deliver a lesson plan may be one of the most important components of a TEFL course. A substantial chunk of the course will dedicate to learning how to tailor lesson plans to the size of the class, ability level, and linguistic backgrounds of the students.

You should anticipate being able to create flexible lesson plans, evaluate individual requirements and plan accordingly after completing your TEFL course and set learning goals for your lessons after completing your TEFL course.

You will learn how to begin a lesson, combine exercises that assist students in practicing an English skill with those that teach the new ones, and encourage students to utilize English in the classroom.

Any legitimate TEFL certification online, whether online or on-site, requires lesson planning. As a result, your online TEFL program should teach you how to prepare effective classes and provide you the opportunity to design sessions during the course to practice the skills you’re learning.

Expect to make lesson plans and receive feedback on them across the course — especially if your TEFL course has a practice teaching (practicum) component. You should also expect to do more than plan a lesson; you should execute the plan and teach it!

Classroom Management

Classroom Management

“TEFL courses also play a central role in imparting classroom management skills.”

Classroom management will be an important part of your online TEFL course, whether you have prior teaching experience. Managing a classroom full of kids is difficult to work, especially when you don’t all speak the same language. Adjusting your teaching environment to help your pupils learn a new language will demand you to refine and expand your ability.

The classroom management module should feature specific tactics for teachers to employ in classrooms with students with varied learning styles and levels to help them focus on this ability.

Though some of this will be about understanding how to provide instructions, separating students into groups or pairs, or detecting when your class is ready to go on to the next phase, it will also include tailoring your teaching approach to different learners.

The Multiple Intelligence Theory, which encompasses personal and social, internal psychological, and logical/linguistic intelligence types, may be used in your online TEFL programs to explain these diverse styles. As you plan and deliver your classes, you’ll learn to consider these various learning styles.

Language Skills Pedagogy

Language Skills Pedagogy

“Language skills and the method of teaching them is part and parcel of TEFL outcomes.”

You should cover the following topics in this section: grammar, literature, writing, presenting, listening, and articulation. In general, each lesson you teach should try and teach a mixture of these language skills (for example, a pronunciation lesson using auditory activities or a grammar lesson using reading/writing activities), and an online TEFL course will educate you on how to do so as well as what each means.

In terms of grammar, your TEFL program will not teach you every grammatical component of the English language — it would take a lifetime. Instead, it will provide you with a good summary and the tools you’ll need to learn much about the language you will teach your students.

That is, you will not be taught the distinction between “present continuous” and “present simple,” but you will be given the means to figure it out before teaching it to your pupils.

Subjects like tactical grammar, verbs and tenses, conditional statements, and modal verbs will be significant components of this unit in those classes that go through with teaching your English grammar.

Enhancing Teaching Resources

“TEFL program will increase the teaching resources.”

Materials and resources available to you Education will assist you in developing a large and diverse toolkit of instructional resources. Both text-based and digital resources should be included in your TEFL certification online. You will learn classroom exercises and games and how to use software and the Internet in your lesson preparations.


“Practical implementation of TEFL course is one of the major outcomes.”

A practice teaching (practicum) component can be one of the most beneficial components of a TEFL certification course, but it can also be one of the most difficult with an online TEFL school. It’s likely that some of the best TEFL courses will include this as a requirement, while others are entirely online and will not.

Even among TEFL courses that include a practical teaching component, its implementation varies. Some instructors will have a teacher trainer observe and provide feedback on their classes for a fixed number of hours (typically 15 to 20). In contrast, others will be expected to find and finish their own practicum training in their community.

Final Verdict

3. Better Salary Packages

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