Teaching English online using a video conferencing tool is becoming popular nowadays. This is frequently done on a one-on-one basis. However, it is also feasible to educate many pupils at the same time.


Teaching English online is a career that does not require you to be physically present. It implies that you may work from anywhere you want. You only need a laptop, smartphone, and a decent internet connection. As a result, you may work from home or while traveling across the globe. So, the answer to the question, can you teach English online with TEFL certification is YES.

What Elements Are Necessary for Teaching English Online?

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Obtaining an online English teaching profession is a fantastic method for English speakers to supplement their income. They can also practice from any location on the planet. Furthermore, online English teachers are in high demand. It’s a coveted position. You may set your work schedules and arrange your teaching around them. You may also make a respectable living while adding a new skill to your resume.

The best TEFL courses will give you the necessary tools for teaching English to students. So, you can teach them in real classrooms or online. The choice of format is yours. You will also need a laptop or a tablet to teach English online. Let’s explore what you need to become an excellent online teacher.

An Accredited TEFL Course

You’ll need a TEFL certificate to become an online English instructor. Almost every leading web education platform necessitates a professional course. You should have a minimum of 120-hour TEFL certification from an approved training provider. With fewer hours or a cheap education that isn’t fully recognized, it will be hard for you to get a job.

Online TEFL instruction is a distinct form of TEFL education. As a result, taking a specialized course on how to teach English online may be quite valuable. This is incredibly beneficial if you don’t have a college diploma. It will help your resume stand out, and it will make getting customers more straightforward.

There is a great need for online TEFL teachers. If you want to be successful, you should make an effort to stand out from the competition. It will be easier to obtain a decent job if you have superior credentials. There are plenty of TEFL programs available right now. Most of these offer the necessary tools to become a good TEFL teacher online. So, choose a good TEFL course and boost your career.

Functioning Equipment

A laptop or PC and a webcam and decent headphones are all necessary for online TEFL teaching. Your pupils must be able to see and understand you clearly. Webcams are incorporated into the majority of laptops. However, many will not be qualified to teach online.

This implies you’ll need to get a decent additional webcam to connect to your device. You must also make sure that the lighting is adequate. Therefore, sit somewhere with ample lighting or near the window.

When it comes to headphones, spending a little more for a decent one is worthwhile. Will a pupil return to you for additional sessions if they can’t hear you? Remember to read comments and get guidance from other online instructors for TEFL certification online.

Accessories are pretty crucial while teaching youngsters. A board, gadgets, and flashcards work well with young learners. You may also teach young students on one of the significant online TEFL sites. Therefore, you’ll want to make your online teaching as enjoyable as possible with props.

What Are the Different Ways to Teach English Online?

What Are the Different Ways to Teach English Online?

There are several forms of in-person instruction. Likewise, there are several online teaching positions available. With online teaching, you may deal with students of all ages and skills. Some will study English for specific objectives, while others will study English as an additional language.

There are two significant ways in which teachers operate online. Many TEFL teachers combine the two for maximum flexibility.

Online TEFL Platforms

This is how the majority of individuals begin teaching English online. Students and teachers are connected through online teaching networks. This makes finding a job for the instructor uncomplicated and straightforward.

You must first register to work on such online platforms. This generally entails completing an online application. You’ll also have to attach copies of any necessary credentials. Many employers may also ask candidates to submit a video of themselves teaching a sample class. You’ll quickly get the job if you do this. Furthermore, there are several examples of videos online that provide you with ideas.

Working on an online system has the obvious advantage of doing the majority of the work for you. The platform helps with the recruitment of students. Another significant advantage is that many of these venues already have a syllabus and teaching resources. This implies that teachers don’t have to spend time arranging lectures outside of class. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your feet wet in teaching and gaining confidence.

Independent TEFL Teaching

Independent TEFL Teaching

Independent online teachers have to find students by themselves. Usually, these instructors will have their website where they advertise their offerings. It’s also a smart option to have a similar social media presence.

A customer base, like that of most professionals, is something you develop over time. Teachers who use online TEFL platforms may rapidly find themselves with an overflowing calendar. Nevertheless, for most self-employed individuals, this is unlikely.

It’s unquestionably more effort. However, the advantages may be worth it. Working for yourself ensures that you keep all the fees that students are paying. You also have more influence over your charging rates. This implies you may possibly make a lot more money.

Working for yourself might be more profitable. It provides online instructors even more flexibility in terms of working conditions. However, you should understand that the early stages need a lot more effort. This is where you source students and gather your clientele.

Key Takeaways

You now have all the valuable information to start teaching English online. New businesses keep surfacing all the time in this fast-paced market. Some are massive, employing huge numbers of educators. Some companies provide more specialized services.

Every business is unique. Once you have your TEFL course, necessary equipment, and everything else, you can choose a suitable company and start teaching English online.