Teaching English is a major career job of many aspiring teachers. However, it needs certain other things apart from the conventional degree in the English language. The TEFL course is the necessity to apply for English teaching jobs among those requirements. Many aspiring English teachers wonder, “Where can I get a TEFL certificate?” 

Getting a TEFL certificate is very easy nowadays since hundreds of institutes. Every country around the globe has hundreds of thousands of institutes offering TEFL courses with proper certification after completion. However, some of those institutes offer TEFL certification online. On the other hand, many institutes provide this course in-class. 

How to Get a TEFL Certificate? 

Benefits of International TEFL Teacher Training
  • You can get a TEFL certificate online or in-class from different institutes.

 A TEFL certificate is mandatory if you are looking for an English teaching job in any country in the world. It is a 120-hour course that covers teaching English as a foreign language. Almost every school or college looking to hire an English teacher will certainly demand a TEFL certificate from the applicants. 

Therefore, TEFL is part and parcel of your journey if you desire to become an English teacher in the world. TEFL is mandatory because English has achieved the landmark of being the Universal language spoken on every world continent. 

TEFL programs are available from various institutes. You can find any institute near you and select the mode of study as per your requirement. If you want to opt for the online course, you can select those institutes that offer online TEFL certificates. However, many students and teachers wishing to become TEFL certified professionals do not know how to get this certification. 

Where Can I Get a TEFL Certificate? 

The Power of Accredited Online TEFL Certification Programs
  • You can get a TEFL certificate from any institute, whether online or in-class.


Due to the increasing demand for TEFL certification for English teaching jobs, thousands of institutes offer this course. Back in 2 years, this course was available in class. Meanwhile, the emergence of Covid-19 and social distancing norms provoked the institutions to start TEFL certification through online classes. 

However, many teachers looking to pursue TEFL classes have meager knowledge regarding the institutes that offer TEFL. If you still have the query about where I can get a TEFL certificate, keep reading. You can get this certificate from any institute that offers an in-class course. Moreover, many institutes offer this certification in the form of online courses.

You can also go for the more convenient online option if feasible. It is important because the schools and colleges accept teachers with TEFL certificates from accredited institutes. However, you must ensure that the institute offering TEFL must be accredited. Those who are not accredited are termed as fraudulent institutes. 

Where Should You Get TEFL Certificate? Online or In-Class? 

Accredited Online TESOL Certification
  • You can get a TEFL certificate from either an online or an in-class course.

 Many institutes offer the best TEFL courses around the globe. However, aspirants are confused about pursuing online or in-class courses. The online course became dominant after the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. Before that, the institutions were offering in-class courses. 

There is still confusion among the teachers pursuing TEFL courses that if the online method works better or the in-class course. Both learning methods have their pros and cons. In the end, you must decide the mode of course as per your requirement. 

Online TEFL course is suitable for those candidates who are already doing jobs and do not have time to go to daily classes. The online course is not time restrained. That means you can manage the flow, of course, according to your timeframe. 

On the other hand, an in-class TEFL course is best suited for those with ample time for regular classes. In-class TEFL courses provide comprehensive knowledge regarding the course. In addition, you can get the best guidelines from the instructor of in-class TEFL courses. 

Online classes are pre-recorded, and they do not have the proper facility of an instructor. Therefore, most students prefer to go for the in-class courses. The time flexibility factor is the best in the case of online TEFL courses

Resultantly, you must decide depending on your requirement. If you are not bound by your time and routine, you can go for in-class courses. On the other hand, go for an online TEFL certificate if you must manage your job and the course simultaneously. 

What Things to Keep in Mind before Selecting TEFL Institute?

  • Make sure that the institute is accredited and offers a 120-hour course.

 An increase in demand for TEFL courses has led to fraudulent institutes making their mark. Therefore, one must be careful before selecting an institute to pursue a TEFL course. You will also have to remember the following crucial elements before finalizing the institute for TEFL certificate: 

The institute must be accredited with the regulating body since it is the prerequisite of many schools and colleges recruiting English teachers. You must ensure that the course length of TEFL should be at least 120 hours. The course outline of TEFL must conform to the school or college requirements to which you wish to apply. 

What Is the Price for TEFL Certification? 

  • TEFL certificate costs $1,000 to $1,500.

 TEFL is a mandatory course to get a job teaching English. Many institutes offer this course, but they all have different courses. The minimum credit hours of the TEFL course are 120. However, the hours, of course, may exceed as per the institute offering it. 

Some institutes’ TEFL courses have 150 credit hours for teaching the course. In general, the cost of this course ranges from $1,000 to $1,500. It varies according to the credit hours and other services like extra guidance. 

Where Can I Get A TEFL Certificate? Concluding Remarks 

International TEFL and TESOL Ltd

International TEFL and TESOL LTD offer a wide range of online and in-class TEFL courses for aspiring teachers. You can easily go for your chosen course as per your requirement. Moreover, you will have the facility to choose from a 120-hours course or a 150-hours course. 

Last but not least, it is accredited with proper regulations. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the authenticity of the TEFL course. By choosing this course, you can undoubtedly pave the way for your successful career as an English teacher.