TEFL course has been the talk of the town since the past decade, which saw the dominance of the English language worldwide. Teaching English as a foreign language certificate. TEFL abbreviates as Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is an English language course for teachers who wish to become English teachers. So, English, as we all know, is a universal communication tool. And its requirement has increased significantly over time. Therefore, there is also an increasing requirement for English teachers. Many teachers are trying to select English teaching as a choice of career. However, many of them are not up to date in TEFL Certification.

TEFL certificate is an English teaching certificate mandatory in almost every part of the world. Therefore, if you wish to become an English teacher, you must have the TEFL course certificate in your educational profile.

Importance of TEFL Programs

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TEFL is compulsory to get a teaching job, and it ensures English pedagogy attributes are taken into account”

One cannot downsize the importance of a TEFL certificate if one wishes to adopt English teaching as a career. People from around the globe try to stay on a scale with the happenings in the world. Currently, the world is watching the supremacy of the English language. The English language is spoken in every region of the world, and many countries of the globe have made it their official language along with the national language.

Therefore, it is of great importance to get adept in the English language. This increase in the learning requirement of English has given rise to the need for English teachers. However, you can teach English only by possessing an educational degree in English. There is another more important aspect than a degree that you will need to verify your English language skills.

TEFL is the certificate that needs a minimum of 120-hours of course period to complete all the learning aspects of teaching English. This course comprises the skills and knowledge to become an excellent English teacher. Hence, it is pertinent to enroll in any one of the TEFL programs to get certified as an English teacher.

Getting TEFL Certification

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There are thousands of institutes across the globe that offer in-class and online TEFL courses”

Teachers wishing to choose English teaching as a career have confusion regarding TEFL. They do not know where to begin the preparation of TEFL. They are also not aware of institutions where they can get TEFL classes. Keep on scrolling if you have similar confusion in mind.

The world is beefed up with thousands of institutes that offer the best TEFL courses both online and in-class. Both learning methodologies have their pros and cons. However, it depends on your comfortability to choose whether you want to take an in-class TEFL course or pursue it online.

For example, TEFL online is not dependent on time, and you can easily manage study if you are committed to a part-time job. On the other hand, you cannot manage the in-class course if you are doing a job since in-class courses need complete adherence to class timings. The class schedules may get mixed with your job timings. Hence, online classes are easy for these kinds of students.

Cost of TEFL Certificate

TEFL cost varies from $1,500 to $2,000”

TEFL certification is a pre-requisite if you desire to outshine as an English teacher. Meanwhile, students longing to get a TEFL certificate to inquire about the cost of this course. People have misconceptions that online courses are less costly than in-class TEFL courses. However, that is not the real portrayal of scenarios.

The cost of an online TEFL certification and in-class TEFL is almost the same. Usually, a TEFL course of 120-hours has a cost varying from $1,500 to $2,000. According to the study hours, the cost changes since some offer more than 120-hours, and they may also offer other facilities, like extra preparatory tests.

The body that accredits the TEFL course you choose will have a great impact on your future career as well as how much money can be made from teaching. If it’s not accredited, then schools and colleges won’t accept those credits, which means there is no point in enrolling for unaccredited courses-they’re just going to waste time with their lives.

There is an increasing trend of fake institutes too, and they take heft fees and offer fake certificates. Regulatory bodies do not accredit these certificates. The outcome is that you will not get to teach English with a fake certificate.

Hence, you must take proper care regarding accreditation before selecting an institute to pursue the study of the TEFL program.

TEFL Online or TEFL In-Class: What to Select?

Both TEFL online and TEFL in-class courses have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on your needs”

Teachers opting to become professional English teachers must have a TEFL certificate in their educational documents. However, they often inquire if TEFL online is better or TEFL in-class. There is no need to worry if you are in a similar ambiguity since we have got you covered. We have compared TEFL certification online and in-class certification for you to comprehend. It is as below:


TEFL Online Course

TEFL In-Class Course

It is not time restricted as you can watch lectures at any suitable time.

It is time-restricted since classes have a fixed time pattern.

TEFL online is self-paced learning, and you can complete it at your ease.

In-class TEFL course preparation is carried out according to the laid-out course plan, and students must stick to it.

It does not have guidance since it has recorded lessons.

TEFL in-class has professional experts who can resolve your queries.

Keeping in view the above comparison table, you can choose the method of pursuing the TEFL course as per your compatibility. Moreover, the cost of the online and in-class courses does not have any significant difference.

TEFL Course: Concluding Remarks

The Important Details Before Choosing an Online TEFL Course

TEFL certification is part and parcel of an English teaching career. Therefore, one must take this course in due time to make a difference. International TEFL and TESOL LTD have comprehensive TEFL courses with different course lengths. We have a 120-hours course and a 150-hours course for TEFL and TESOL.

Our comprehensive course outline covers all the details to master the English language. Come and brighten your future in a professional English teaching career by learning this course.