You need to enroll in a TEFL course to become a certified teacher of English as a foreign language. One may teach English officially anywhere in the world after passing a TEFL course. Instructions for the teacher to succeed and advance in this specific career are part of every online TEFL course.

Moreover, a well-designed TEFL program enhances teachers’ effectiveness in a worldwide classroom. However, one must understand the course contents, salary options, costs, and suitability before enrolling. Let’s analyze the affordable TEFL online course fees in India and see how they may help you.

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Crucial Elements of TEFL Online Course Fees in India

The Benefits of Online TEFL Courses

The cost of a TEFL course in India may vary from INR 15,000 to 60,000 (USD 200 to 800). The price varies depending on the course’s level and delivery method. Both online and in-person TEFL courses are available. Additionally, there are many course levels from which one may choose. A master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, and certificate programs are all available in India.

One may choose from any of the available TEFL programs depending on one’s educational background. The minimum educational need for TEFL is a high school diploma with at least passing grades. The student will get a certificate upon completion of the course, designating them as qualified to teach English as a foreign language in any other nation.

Eligibility Criteria and Duration of TEFL Online Course in India

You may learn how to effectively prepare and present relevant English classes anywhere in the globe by taking a TEFL course in India. TEFL programs are excellent courses designed to prepare instructors to conduct engaging and successful English language sessions.

The fact that TEFL programs are accessible to everyone is a plus. Therefore, there are no requirements to enroll in a TEFL course in India. Anyone who meets the basic qualifying requirements may enroll in this course.

A student must typically put in 120 hours to complete the TEFL course requirements. Depending on the student, these 120 hours are often spaced out over 2–4 weeks. Hours are often used to break up the TEFL course assignments.

The learners are given six months to finish the 120 hours of coursework. However, if, for whatever reason, the student cannot finish the 120 hours of coursework, they may request a personal extension.

Job Options and Salary Brackets for TEFL Online Course in India

Job Options and Salary Brackets for TEFL Online Course in India

In India, the starting salary for a TEFL teacher is 50k, while the maximum monthly salary is 3L.

After finishing a TEFL course in India, you can find employment as an English teacher practically anywhere globally. You may potentially advance to the position of a senior English instructor. In a similar vein, you may work in academia as a coordinator. The career of the director of studies is another option. You might even open your language school as an alternative after getting TEFL certification online in India.

Ideal Candidates for TEFL Online Course in India

Any graduate with a love for instructing in near-native English precision is welcome to pursue TEFL. It is perfect for anybody who hopes to work as an English teacher overseas. Age is not a factor in TEFL. Therefore, it provides equal prospects for a new graduate and a retiree searching for a fulfilling work path.

Many mid-level professionals seeking a change in employment have been interested in TEFL throughout the years. They can want something quite different from the brutal corporate battle. They are pulled in by the slogan “teach and travel” and the chance to be connected to a career teaching English.

English language instructors might get employment in educational institutions thanks to TEFL. In addition to being hired as teaching staff, there are chances to teach soft skills, voice, and accent, as well as Business English in corporate settings. Alumni from India’s TEFL programs may be found in databases working at schools, colleges, and institutions throughout the globe.

One way or another, a TEFL course improves a person’s life. It is an adventure for someone who is venturing into English teaching for the first time. TEFL is also a good choice for someone who thinks that their life and work have reached a dead end since it introduces a change in scenery.

With TEFL, one may become a teacher, coach, trainer, or advisor, opening up a whole new world of career possibilities. It allows you to influence lives and can take you anywhere in the world.

If teaching is your passion, TEFL offers a goal and career that is genuinely gratifying — making a living while doing what you want to do! It’s rare to like working and enjoy working meaningfully simultaneously, and TEFL can offer this rare opportunity.

Dream Job with A TEFL Course from ITT

tefl/tesol course awards

A TEFL certification is an international passport. It creates possibilities that you had probably only imagined. A TEFL certification is a necessity, even for instructors with teaching degrees, years of experience, and native English speakers.

A reputable TEFL course is a requirement for all international English teaching positions. With low-cost TEFL online course costs in India, you may realize your ambitions of obtaining a TEFL certificate and English employment overseas without going over your spending limit.

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