Obtaining a TEFL certification may lead to exciting travel employment prospects. However, making a sizable upfront investment in a TEFL certification program might be challenging. Therefore, you must search for the top affordable TEFL courses.

You may pursue your teaching goals with such programs without breaking the bank. The quality of the course material is still the same as in regular courses. Therefore, you may benefit from TEFL online course sale options and save money. So, your teaching career may benefit from these more economical solutions.

Why Should You Think About TEFL Courses?

You can teach English in another nation if you hold a TEFL certification. You can become certified by finishing a TEFL training course. Moreover, TEFL jobs can take you anywhere in the world. A high demand exists for English. Therefore, you’ll find eager learners of all ages eager to learn.

In some nations, natural speakers can teach without a degree or certification. However, a TEFL course could improve your employment options and income possibilities. Moreover, a TEFL course can give you the ability to be a more successful teacher to your pupils.

You might choose many intriguing avenues once you obtain your TEFL certificate. You may instruct young children in introductory English in China. Additionally, you may assist students in Thailand with their language test preparation. Similarly, if you want, you can teach business English to professionals in Brazil. The choice depends on your preferences.

If remote employment suits you better, you might start teaching English online to students worldwide. The majority of TEFL qualifications are widely recognized and never expire. This might be the nicest part about the best TEFL programs. Therefore, you may alter your teaching career as you see fit.

What Are the Topmost Types of TEFL Courses?

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Once you’ve decided to pursue TEFL certification, you must select which course is ideal for you. Online, in-person, and combination courses are the three primary types of TEFL programs.

  • You may finish every lesson in an online TEFL course at your speed while working on your laptop. People with hectic schedules should take online courses. Similarly, students don’t have to pay for transportation to the training site or take time off work to prepare. Therefore, online TEFL course options are frequently the least expensive.
    • A good online course mixes theory with audio and video recordings. This helps you understand many facets of teaching. It also has a ton of interactive features to keep your interest. You’ll probably discover that the help is also virtual. Therefore, you may take advantage of online discussions and online information.
  • You will be taught alongside other students in a physical setting in a classroom-based TEFL course. As a result, these sessions frequently take place in a physical classroom.
    • Online courses typically cost less than classroom ones. Additionally, there is less theory in these classroom courses. This is since group projects and presentations take up a lot of time.
  • When it comes to online and in-person instruction, the combined TEFL courses provide students with the best of both worlds.
    • Such hybrid or combined TEFL courses are ideal for people who want to study mostly on their schedule. Moreover, the best TEFL courses allow you to study at home or in the workplace. However, such options offer the beneficial experience that classroom activities and observable instructional methods may provide.

What Does International TEFL & TEOSL LTD Offer You?

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There are three options to obtain your TEFL certificate with ITT. These can be done in-person, online, or both. Which course is best for you, and how do they differ from one another?

The in-person course is the primary choice. The greatest candidates for this are individuals who want a structured learning environment and can enroll in a four-week on-site TEFL program. The 120 hours of study time necessary for the in-class courses help the trainees. They can also benefit from the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced instructors.

Additionally, you will get six to ten hours of supervised teaching practice. This practice will allow you to get useful real-world experience and get input on your instruction. Moreover, you’ll get a certification with international recognition and lifetime employment support upon graduation.


Online ITT TEFL Courses

Online courses are the second-best option for aspiring teachers. With beginning pricing as low as USD 89, these courses provide exceptional value for the money. 

The offered courses range from the more basic 60-hour Certificate in TEFL to the more advanced 200-hour Diploma in TESOL. We also provide two specialized courses in teaching English to young learners and teaching business English. These options are in addition to a standard 120-hour TEFL certification online by ITT.

These online TEFL courses are entirely online. Similarly, these come both with and without tutor help. Students will receive a certificate with international recognition and lifelong job placement assistance.

Hybrid ITT TEFL Course

The last option gives learners the best of both worlds in terms of online and in-person training. You can enjoy online and in-class benefits in hybrid ITT TEFL courses.

Therefore, you can study online and still participate in classroom activities. This way, you can finish your TEFL certification per your speed. Moreover, you can switch between different experiences. This lets you get a taste of both worlds.

You complete all of your theoretical studies online with the assistance of a very knowledgeable online instructor. After finishing the online portion, you can visit one of our training facilities for hands-on teaching sessions and guidance from our TEFL faculty members. All graduates of the combined course will also receive lifelong job placement aid from us in addition to an internationally recognized certification.

Why Is Online TEFL Course Sale from ITT Ideal for You?

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ITT is currently offering an online course sale for TEFL courses. Therefore, you can enjoy top-notch courses at almost half the price. These discounts will help you save money. However, you will still enjoy the same level of content quality. If you want to study TEFL in the future, you can get a discounted course now and study later. This way, you can save money and plan for the future without wasting unnecessary resources.  Take a look at our online TEFL courses