Are you considering enrolling in a TEFL course? Perhaps you’ve been enticed by incredible special discounts on Groupon, Amazon Local, and Living Social sites? Do you want to know if it’s worth it to buy a TEFL course on Groupon or if the ratings are genuine? So, are Groupon TEFL courses worth it? The answer is NO.

Are Groupon TEFL Courses Worth It?

How Do You Get TEFL Certification?

No. Groupon TEFL programs are not worth your money.

Before applying, we recommend that you research all the courses available. Some courses may be available at a discount. However, they are a rip-off in terms of the study materials they provide. Furthermore, don’t be attracted to booking a course just based on cost.

When you start seeking work worldwide, this might be detrimental. One of the primary issues with TEFL courses sold on websites like Groupon is that they offer no real value.

There is a lot of feedback from folks who regret taking a course because of these exceptional deals. Some persons are unable to find work due to a lack of resources. As a result, you should go online and investigate all courses and firms before applying.

Why Aren’t Groupon TEFL Courses Worth Your Money?

How Can I Get TESOL Certification?

Groupon TEFL courses don’t offer tutor support, learning experience, and job assistance.

Some may appear very tempting, and the price may appear too good to be true. However, there are certain drawbacks to these low-cost TEFL programs. Always investigate the TEFL supplier that is offering these courses at a discount. Additionally, contact them before purchasing to ensure what is and is not included in the program.

There are some fantastic offers available from time to time. Groupon and other similar websites provide some excellent special bargains. However, getting your money back after you’ve paid might be tricky. Some of the prices are nearly too good to be true.

Most of the certifications supplied by these discount companies are merely short online TEFL courses. A TEFL course with tutor help or a classroom course may be ideal for you if you want extra support and a more hands-on educational experience.

Some of the Groupon online courses are imprecise and non-descriptive. You will receive no support, tutor contact, or assistance in obtaining a job with such courses.

  • Not enough hours for a recognized TEFL course
  • Outdated text and study material without any value
  • Minimal job placement assistance from the supplier
  • Minimal teaching and classroom experience
  • Lack of authenticity and valid credibility
  • No help with lesson planning and teaching strategies
  • No personal tutors to help you with strategies and learning

Insufficient Hours

Not enough hours for a recognized TEFL course

The industry norm for a TEFL course is 120 hours. Many Groupon TEFL courses promise to provide 120 hours of training. However, it takes around 12 hours to finish. It might take as little as 12 hours in some cases.

How can someone become a TEFL teacher in just 12 hours? You obtain a low-quality course through Groupon TEFL discounts. Therefore, you miss out on the main information provided by other courses.

Poor Study Material

Outdated text and study material without any value

Students expect engaging content in a high-quality TEFL program. However, this is missing from Groupon’s TEFL classes. All you get is an out-of-date wall of text with no accompanying media to help you learn. You need more than just a TEFL certification online to become a certified English language teacher. You will not be ready for any task at hand when you go into any class.

Job Placement Opportunities

What is TEFL Certification?

Minimal job placement assistance from the supplier

Imagine having unlimited assistance and access to high-paying employment for the rest of your life. Students are dissatisfied when they cannot find work after finishing a Groupon TEFL course.

This is because they are just interested in taking your cash and are unconcerned about what happens after you complete the course. Because of our employment support and employment prospects, we consistently recommend ITT TEFL courses.

Minimal Teaching Experience

Minimal teaching and classroom experience

ITT’s accredited TEFL course allows you to teach in a classroom setting. We also give you valuable comments on how to improve your teaching skills.

Teacher practicum isn’t the same as what you’d obtain from a reputable supplier. A Groupon TEFL, on the other hand, does not provide anything comparable. And, due to the low price, you get what you paid for the course.

No Authenticity

Lack of authenticity and valid credibility

A growing number of businesses in other countries doubt the legitimacy of low-cost TEFL programs. Employers in other countries are noticing poor TEFL certification programs and dismissing them.

Schools need educators to retake a TEFL program due to a lack of validity and certification credentials. Therefore, signing up with a reliable TEFL provider from the beginning would have been a better choice.

Zero Lesson Planning Help

Zero Lesson Planning Help

No help with lesson planning and teaching strategies

Any effective English teacher overseas relies heavily on lesson planning. On the other hand, a Groupon TEFL course frequently lacks the assistance students need to design their teaching materials and receive critical feedback.

Our TEFL courses are recommended if you want to prepare lesson plans like an expert. The course is created by TEFL educators who have been through it all and have extensive classroom management experience.

Personal Tutor Help

No personal tutors to help you with strategies and learning

Any TEFL company worth its salt offers live tutoring with a personal tutor. Despite what Groupon TEFL lessons state, it’s merely computer-generated auto-responses in response to queries.

You don’t receive a direct line of communication when you sign up for a cheap TEFL class. This is an issue when you wish to study through an online platform.

Having a real human personal tutor in every genuine TEFL course comes as standard. For example, all ITT TEFL courses include one-on-one tutoring.

What Is the Right TEFL Course for You?

What Is the Right TEFL Course for You?

Thousands of individuals attend TEFL classes each year and have a fantastic time. This is something you can accomplish as well. We do not advocate purchasing a cheap TEFL course if you want an organized TEFL experience. You should enroll in a course with a respected business like International TEFL and TESOL Ltd.

You can find the top TEFL classes on our website. We provide the best TEFL courses with all the necessary materials. It is always preferable to invest a little extra and get a TEFL course from a reputable organization. We provide certified credentials that TEFL recruiters accept all around the world. Browse through our courses right now!