TEFL online course Singapore. Singapore is the central country and a rapidly developing economy in the Asian region. Many teachers in Singapore aspire to teach the English language and make it their permanent career choice. TEFL is the golden key to getting started as a successful English language teacher.

TEFL course is a must requirement if you wish to become an English teacher in Singapore. You will need the certification as it will endorse the English teaching requirements. If we go a few years back, we will see that only a bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics was more than enough to secure an English teaching job.

However, with the increasing global dominance of the English language, TEFL certification online became the need of the hour. This certification is the current benchmark to start a successful career as an English teacher.

You will need to get this English teaching certification from a well-reputed and licensed institute to stand out in your application form. Let us have a detailed overview of this certification for your understanding.

Importance Of TEFL Certification

Where Can I Get A TESOL Certificate?

“TEFL is the part and parcel to start a promising career as an English teacher.”

TEFL is like the bible for English teachers. This certification course will polish your English language skills up to a professional level. Without this English language certification, you will have very slim chances of getting selected for an English teaching job. To get the certificate, you will have to enroll in this certification program and pass it with the required standards.

One can understand the importance of TEFL programs because it is mandatory while applying for an English teaching job at any school, college, or university in Singapore or anywhere. Your dream of becoming a proficient English language teacher will not become a reality if you fail to pursue this course successfully.

A teacher is not capable without any knowledge of pedagogy. Similarly, an English language teacher will not be considered capable if they do not have a valid TEFL certification online.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have a TEFL course certification to kick start your English language teaching journey. Without TEFL, you will not be able to get an English teaching job in Singapore or anywhere else in the world.

What Are the Requirements for TEFL Courses?

TEFL course must be of a minimum of 120 contact hours.”

With the increase in demand for TEFL courses, scammers are also becoming very common in this subject. The scammers pose themselves as the ones offering TEFL certificate courses.

However, during the application process, the certificates given by these scammers prove to be fake. Therefore, it is very important to know some aspects of the TEFL program and the institutes offering it.

If you keep these useful, proven tips in consideration, you will be able to get genuine certification and will also steer past the scammers.

  1. Firstly, you should remember before paying an institute for the best TEFL courses is that it should have the necessary accreditation by the respective regulatory body of the country.
    • In the case of Singapore, the TEFL program you are opting from the institute, the educational regulatory body must accredit the institute in Singapore.
    • Without accreditation, it is 100% sure that it is a scamming institute. Therefore, you will be able to distinguish between an original and a scamming institute by checking the institute’s accreditation.
  1. The second most important thing for a TEFL course is the number of contact hours. If the number of contact hours is not at par with the minimum requirement limit, the college or the university will not accept the certificate teeming it as fake.
    • Moreover, your English teaching job application will also be rejected. To avoid this kind of hassle, you will have to ensure the number of contact hours before starting this course with an institute.
  1. The minimum number of acceptable contact hours for a TEFL certification online is 120 hours. Many prestigious institutes offer more than 150 contact hours, up to 180 contact hours.
    • These courses with more contact hours have more add-on facilities such as more practice exercise and expert guidance. Therefore, the course will vary per the number of contact hours.

The following table showcases two of the most essential requirements before selecting an institute for a TEFL course:



Course Length

Minimum 120 Contact Hours


Yes (Must)


You must remember to select the institute offering TEFL courses having at least 120 contact hours. If these two conditions are fulfilled by an institute offering this English language course, you should proceed with it.

However, if the institute does not fulfill these two requirements, it is better to move away and start looking for other institutes. Those institutes that do not conform to these benchmark conditions are usually fake.

Advantages Of Getting TEFL Certification Online

How Much Does A TESOL Course Cost?

TEFL courses will pave your way for an English teaching career.”

There are countless advantages of getting TEFL certification online in Singapore. The top advantage of getting this English language certification is that it will allow you to pursue your dream of becoming an English language teacher in Singapore. Moreover, you will have complete command of the language without any major problems.

This English language course will guide your pedagogy specifically for the English language. You will be able to impart language skills with complete command of your teaching methodology. Furthermore, TEFL programs keep you updated with all the latest English literature and linguistics developments.

Apart from the language skills, this course also includes class management and course management. You will be able to handle class more proficiently. In addition, you will be able to design the course outline per the requirements of the class. These are the major skill sets imparted by the TEFL course and English language command.

Concluding Remarks

TEFL program is the benchmark requirement to get an English teaching job. You will have to choose the institute offering this certification wisely. The first important requirement is that a regulatory body must accredit the institute, and the second thing is that the course length should be a minimum of 120 contact hours.

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